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Welcome to CJLOG!
CJlog is an exclusive free service, the main aim of which is to help its users find trades according to different criteria real fast and easy and protect thair trades. The trader database is the biggest in the world it gets collected automatically by our robot that is pretty good at specifying various parameters of the site. More...

- Protect your sites against hacking
- Check your sites for viruses and exploits
- Protect your sites against downtimes
- Tells you about problems by E-mail, ICQ or by SMS
- 24/7 monitoring
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New great feature!
With new search system you can search for movie and non-movie sites. Also you can search by traffic! Use fast filters under search box.
Interesting facts (you can view whole statistics here):

1. Total traders
(21752 sites, 100%)
2. 24h new traders
(5 sites, 1%)
3. Blacklisted traders
(598 sites, 3%)
Top niches
1. Cumshots
(572627 sites, 17%)
2. Ass
(326128 sites, 10%)
3. Fetish
(227091 sites, 7%)
Top sponsors
1. Adult FriendFinder
(14417 sites, 7%)
2. NastyDollars
(13090 sites, 7%)
3. Adult Empire
(11609 sites, 6%)
Top services
1. XClicks.net
(5362 sites, 91%)
2. ClickZs
(523 sites, 9%)
Top trade scripts
1. AT Lite
(9787 sites, 17%)
2. Proton TM
(6623 sites, 11%)
3. AT eXtreme
(4695 sites, 8%)
Top TGP scripts
1. Smart Thumbs
(9517 sites, 21%)
2. Stream Rotator
(7646 sites, 17%)
3. Comus Thumbs
(7418 sites, 17%)
Top thumbs
1. 240x180
(11490 sites, 2%)
2. 180x240
(4153 sites, 1%)
3. 150x200
(3508 sites, 1%)
Top types
1. Categorized text ...
(292639 sites, 59%)
2. Categorized thumb ...
(55924 sites, 11%)
3. Categorized thumb ...
(42536 sites, 9%)
Top sites
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News and events
02.22.10 New CJLog Alert
Try our new BETA unique service! CJLog Alerts
02.21.10 ICQ Bot is down
ICQ Bot no more supported.
02.20.08 ICQ Bot updates!
New funcs. Now bot will show you topics ob adult boards with checked domain. Also two commands are realized: boards [domain] will show snippets and iframes [domain] will show iframes and scripts with description.
02.16.08 CJLog ICQ Bot!
Use power of CJLog in your ICQ. Just add our bot 450-825-540 to your IM and you can check your traders for blacklist status, purity, traffic, niches, illegal scripts much quickly!
02.07.08 CJLog Alerts!
With CJLog Alerts your sites will newer been hacked or go down. CJLog Alerts will inform you about anwanted changes or downtimes.

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