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CJLog documentation
Table of contents: about, FAQ, how it works


Main page


CJlog.com main page contains information on the most popular niches, sponsors, services, scripts and types included into our database.


There are 3 most popular elements for each information type - under the name of the element there's the number of sites at which this element can be found and the ratio of such sites to the whole base in total.


The info is intended for the satisfaction of the user's demands exclusively, which appears to be the most essential and popular thing in the CJ world.


Simple trader search


Simple trader search is accessible at every single page of cjlog in the “Trader search” field. You have to type in the queries to start searching. Possible queries are listed below.


  1. Keyword search
    Just type in the sought word or combination of words. For example, a part of the niche name or the name of the site. The search process will be carried out among the names of the sites and their domains. Example: cum

  2. Context search
    Use context search option to search for an exact coincidence. Just type in the query in inverted commas to carry it out. In this case, separate words will be scanned. Example:panty

  3. Niche search
    Just type in the name of the niche to start a quick niche search. Example: mature

  4. Script search
    Type in the name of the script to search for sites that are using it. Example: at extreme

  5. Search according to the size of the thumbs
    Type in the size of the thumbnail to search for the sites that are using similar (+-5 pixels) thumbnail sizes. Example: 120x60

  6. Domain search
    Type in the address of the site to look through the detailed info about it straight away (or look through the sitecard in case the site is defined as a trader and is included into our database)


Advanced trader search


Advanced trader search lets you set the search criteria down to the tiniest detail. Advanced trader search option is located here


The description of advanced trader search options


First of all, we'd like to define one of the key details as exactly as it's only possible - the search can be carried out with the help of “AND” and “OR” methods.


The first method allows you to search for sites corresponding with all the criteria of the query. In other words, if you've chosen to search for “Amateur” niche and “AT Lite” trade script, only the sites containing the materials for the “Amateur” niche and using “AT Lite” script will be found.


“OR method” (set by default), on the contrary, allows you to search for the sites that correspond with at least one criterion of the query. If we've chosen to search for “Amateur” niche and “AT Lite” trade script, the search engine will find the sites containing either the materials from the “Amateur” niche or using the “AT Lite” script or corresponding with the both criteria.


To activate the “AND” method, just check in the corresponding checkbox.


Find from niche - niche search. You can choose one or more niches. In case you want to choose more than one niche, press and hold the “CTRL” button and choose the sought niches from the provided list.


Find from trade script - trade script search. You can choose one or more scripts. In case you want to choose more than one script, press and hold the “CTRL” button and choose the sought scripts from the provided list.



Find from rotator - search from rotators and TGP-scripts.


Find from service - search according to the service of the site.


Find from sponsor - search according to the sponsor of the site.


Trader purity - search section that allows you to search for sites according to the criterion of their purity.


Purity - you can set the required purity range yourself.


Exclude traders with - here you will be able to find trader search criteria that shouldn't contain the following elements stated by you (if this field is empty, then it is not set).


Iframes count more than - exclude sites that contain more hidden iframes than the number you specify.


Scripts count more than - exclude sites that contain more java scripts than the number you specify.


Consoles count more than - exclude sites that contain more consoles than the number you specify.


Objects count more than - exclude sites that contain more hidden objects than the number you specify.


Malicious functions more than - exclude sites that contain more potentially dangerous java script functions than the number you specify.


Site type - the section that determines the site type


Thumbs type - chooses a site containing thumbnails - either the ones directing to trades or the ones directing to the categories, or both.


thumb count - you can set the range of thumbnail count here.


Text links type - chooses a site containing text links - either the ones directing to trades or the ones directing to the categories, or both.


Text links count - you can set the range of text link count here.


Thumb sizes - thumbnail sizes (+-5pixels) in the XxY format. You can tag up to two sizes. Each parameter can be omitted. For example, you can tag only the width of the thumbnail or its length, or both at the same time.


Skim - skim range. You can tag both parameters (From and To) or just one of them.


Site domain - the section that states the rules of domain search.


exclude subdomains - exclude subdomains from the search.


Include in-domain words - include the words that should be present inside the domain name into the search. For example: «cumshot» or «.com»


exclude in-domain words - the words that shouldn't be present inside the domain name.


Search results


If the search brings any results, they will be listed on your screen (stating short info about each site in the result list).


Each result includes:


- Serial number

- Domain

- Title of the site

- Used niches

- Site type

- Thumb size

- Skim

- Trade script

- Rotator script

- TGP script

- Purity level

- Number of comments

- Number of traders


Domain and purity are obligatory parameters. The rest of the parameters are optional and won't be stated if the listed site doesn't have them.


Certain parameters have additional qualities. By placing the mouse pointer onto the niche you will view the ratio of the amount of site's content belonging to this niche to the total amount of content at this site. By placing the pointer onto the number of traders you will view the number of incoming and outgoing traders.


Click on the domain to get redirected to the page containing detailed info on the site (sitecard).




Sitecard contains the most detailed information about the chosen site.


All listed parameters except domain and status can be lacking in case the robot can't read them. 


Status - the status of the site. ACTIVE - the site is active and present in the search database. UNKNOWN - unknown status. SUSPENDED - a site that is suspended by us. BLACKLISTED - a site that is currently included into our blacklist. DELETED - a site that is currently deleted from the search database. CLOSED - a site closed for our bot. PAGE ERROR - a site with loading errors.


Status Adding/Update dates can also be listed next to the status.


Owner - if a site has an owner, his name is shown in this parameter as a link to the page containing his personal info, his rating and the number of sites he possesses.


Last effective URL - site's address and domain.


Overall purity - overall purity of the site. Overall purity gets calculated according to the purity of the site and the overall purity of all incoming and outgoing traders.


In case the purity is not checked, it gets marked as “not checked”.


The check is carried out every 24 hours.


Type - type of the site. Each site belongs to a certain type. For example, thumbs directing to the trade or links to galleries. Our bot does its best to define the site type as clearly as possible.


Detailed information about the type of the site gets shown under the type entry (of course, if you didn't deactivate this option). This detailed info reflects the number of certain links and thumbs found at the site.


Thumbs - thumb sizes, in case our bot proved to be capable of defining them. Maximum number of possible thumbs is 2.


Niches - basic niches of the site. Our engine reflects only three (or less) niches, each of which has its own ratio of presence against the other niches (the ratio is shown only in case the corresponding option is switched on in your settings).


Our engine also states whether the site contains several niches or not.


Sponsors - the list of sponsors and their paysites used by this site. The list of sponsors is removed by default, so only a part of it gets shown. This part contains the names of several sponsors with the number of paysites stated next to each of them.


To view the full list of sponsors, click on the “Expand all” link. This will show the full list in the following form: name of the sponsor and list of his paysites. Next to each paysite link one may find the number of links it has been found in.


If the paysite is stated as «unknown», it means that our bot couldn't read it.


Traders - the trees of incoming and outgoing traders. Total purity of incoming and outgoing traders gets stated before the tree (only in case our bot managed to read incoming or outgoing traders).


By default, the tree of outgoing traders containing 5 traders of the site gets shown. The entry located next to each trader states his purity, which is also marked with color. The traders included into the list are sorted according to their purity.


Trader link directs you onto the page containing its card.


To view the full tree of traders, click on the «Expand traders tree» link. In this case you will be able to see a larger list - each of the site's traders will also be accompanied with the tree of his own traders.


This link also opens the list of incoming traders (only in case it was read by our system).


Trade script - the script, which the site uses for trade. The percentage of links containing any signs of this script will also be shown here in brackets.


Rotator/TGP script - either the name of the script that carries out the thumbnail rotation at the site or the name of the script managing the site's TGP system. Similar to Trade script.


Possible services - possible services found at the site.


Webmasters page - the link to the Webmaster's page at this site.


Trade page - the link to the trade page of the site.


Gallery submit page - the link to the gallery posting form.


Contacts page - the link to the page containing contacts (e-mail, icq).


Suspicious X-activity - the section viewing the scripts, malicious codes and iframes found at the site. Each of them is called anobject”.


The object entry includes the link to the page at which it has been found, its type stated in brackets (local script, script src, or iframe) and its detailed description. If the object is dangerous (hidden iframe at the IP address, a part of the script code, which is currently included into our blacklist), the information about this fact will also be viewed.


If the object is a Java script, you will be able to view its source code with the help of the «view source code» link.


During the source code viewing process, all scripts found in it get viewed too. Each script has a link to the page at which it has been found, script type and the code of the script itself.


In case the script contains malicious codes, they will be marked with color. You will be able to view detailed information about these codes by placing the mouse pointer onto them.


ATTENTION. If you see that a script is fine while the system defines it as a dangerous one or vice versa, please use the “report as good” and “report as bad” links to inform us about this mistake and help the system define the purity of the site better!


Users' comments


Each registered user has the right to leave comments about sites. To post a comment you will have to fill in the form that can be found under the sitecard.


Subject - subject of the comment.


Message - the body of the comment (this field has to be filled in)


Link to proof topic - link to proof. If you think that a certain site is using cheats, paste a link to the forum topic containing the proof of it.


Site rating - your own site rating. From 1 to 5 points or no rating at all. If you decide to rate a site, please, rate only the quality of the site and the quality of the trader, not your relations with the owner of the site.


Besides, if a certain site has got an owner, you can send a message to him. You can do it with the help of a link located right under the “Post a comment” button.


You can use emoticons and bbcodes in your messages. Allowed bbcodes are the following: [b], [i], [u], [url], [quote]. Html is forbidden.




Each registered user receives his own usercard containing detailed information about him automatically.


Usercard contains the following information:


Username - the name of the user


Status - user's status


User rating - the way other users rate this one. If there's a rating, there should also be the number of votes stated.


Avg. sites rating - average rating of the sites belonging to the user.


Avg. sites purity - average purity of the sites belonging to the user.


Sites count - the number of sites belonging to the user. If there's at least one site, then this number is viewed as a link to the list of sites belonging to the user.


Posts - the number of comments posted by the user.


Contact info - information about the user's contacts.


All comments about the user (if there are some) are stated below. The comments are posted similarly to the comments in the sitecard. The only difference is that it is the user whom you rate, not his sites.


Registration of a new user


You should make up a login and password for yourself to get registered at our site. Apart from that, you should possess an active e-mail box that you will be able to check after the registration.


You can also state your ICQ number during the registration process.


After you're done filling in the registration form (in case everything goes fine), there will be a letter sent to your e-mail box. This letter will contain a link to the registration confirmation page. If the letter didn't come, please, address our support service.


User control panel


You will see your control panel right after you enter the system. User menu is located on the right. The first page that opens after you enter the system is the list of your sites. By default, it is empty.


Adding a site


To add a site into our system (or appropriate it if we already have it in our database), move on to the “Add site” option and type in the address of your site. Please, make sure that this directory contains a site that meets the trader requirements!


After that, press the “Add!” button and follow further instructions. If everything's done correctly, the site will appear in the list of your sites.


Managing your sites


«Manage sites» option. If you have one or more sites, all of them will be viewed in a list similar to the one containing search results. You will find the control options next to each site's domain. 


Edit - site editing

Get recip - get the recip for your site


Editing your site


Press the ”edit” button located in your site control panel to edit your site. After that you will be able to edit the parameters of the site that are allowed to be edited.


Getting a recip


Use the «get recip» option in your site control panel or use the ”Rating buttons” option to get the recip for your site.


You will be offered to choose the site in case it wasn't chosen. Choose the site that you need and you will be redirected on to the recip constructor.


You can state the values that you'd like to appear at your next recip. Choose the sought values with the help of the checkboxes and see what it all's going to look like.


After you're done with designing the recip, copy the received html code and use it wherever you want.


Personal settings


«Personal settings» option allows registered users to set up the appearance of the search giving out, sitecard and much more. The options are intuitively understandable.




Each registered user has got a system of internal tickets that allow him to exchange messages with other users and our support service.


Inbox - incoming tickets

Outbox - outgoing tickets


If you have got unread incoming tickets, the number of them will be marked next to your “inbox”.


Unread tickets are marked with bold type.


To write a new ticket to our support service, use the ”Compose new ticket to cjlog crew” link.


To create an answer for a ticket you have to open it first and then press the “Reply this ticket” button.


Trader check


You can check a trader not only with the help of the domain search but also at a separate trader checking page. Just type in the link to a trader to view his sitecard.

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