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Frequently Asked Questions
Table of contents: about, documentation, how it works


What is cjlog.com?
Cjlog is an innovational system of automatic trader search and rating. At the moment cjlog is the biggest trader database in the world. The system allows to define numerous parameters at a site, such as: niche, type, number of thumbs, descriptions, skim, trader and sponsor cards, trade purity and much much more. You will be able to carry out the search according to all imaginable criteria and find appropriate traders or just check the sites for purity.

How does cjlog work?
Our automatic bot surfs sites collecting new traders and replenishing the general database.

How often does the database get updated?
The bot is always active. It doesn't stop searching for new sites.

What should I do to get included into cjlog database?
In case your sites haven't been included into the database yet, all you have to do is sign in and add them!

What are the advantages provided by cjlog?
You will be able to find traders real easy and quick. You will be able to check the purity of your traders. Purity and rating systems will allow you to rate the site owners and their sites, which you trade or are willing to trade with! It's incredibly fast and incredibly convenient!

What services do you offer apart from trader search?
Our tools are currently being tested - you will be surprised to see what we've been preparing for you when we present them! That's why we suggest you keep up with our news!

How often do you update your system?
Our system gets updated by a group of specialists daily!

I know a trade script, sponsor, niche that are not included into your database. What should I do about it?
Just add them into the system here. Use ticket system.

Searching tips

Can I find similar sites to my?
You can combine site type, traffic amount, niche to find traders more suitable to yours. Also you can use advanced search.

I know e-mail or ICQ. How can I find sites belonging to this data?
Just search e-mail or ICQ in search box!

Can I carry out the search according to different criteria apart from the niche and domain?
Sure. Just use our advanced search option that allows you to set the search criteria according to any parameter of the database!

Site information

What is purity means?
Own purity is purity of site. Purity is calculating by various parameters including amount of consoles, iframes, exploits etc.
Overall purity is a summary purity of own and site traders.

What can I do to change the purity of my site?
The purity of the site gets defined by the bot only. If you are sure that the bot has made a mistake and considered some of your scripts to be bad, just inform us about it!

Traffic. How can you know my traffic?
We analize your site top traders, also we use services like Alexa and our counter.
If traffic is wrong you can fix it by placing our recip as counter on your site's main page. Just go to "Rating buttons" section, select best recip and place it on your site. In 24 hours we calculate traffic.

Traders. How you calculate them?
We analize sites and get outgoing traders from thair toplists.
Outgoing purity is a summary purity of all outgoing sites.

Java-Scripts, Iframes. Dangerous by default?
Absolutely NO! We just put all scripts and iframes on site for users who want to check them. All danger urls are marked bold and red! Also any url has track below. If url did not have any malicious tracks (zero sized iframe on IP with consoles etc) it's probably can be safe (CJLog not found anything wrong)

Related domains - what is this?
This is beta version of automatically identifier other sites belonging to the owner of current. If the site is poor or cheating, then using this opportunity, you can easily find other sites of the owner and not bother with them.

Is the information about the site reliable?
The information is as reliable as it's only possible. Even if you've come across some drawbacks, you can always inform us about it and we will fix them.

Can I edit the data concerning my site?
Sure. Just add it into our database - and after that you will be able to edit its basic parameters!

The site is already included into the database but not under my account. What can I do to appropriate it?
Just go into your account, type in the address of the site inside the "Adding the site" option and follow further instructions. All you will have to do is paste an invisible code into your site html while you appropriate it!


What can I do to get my sites higher in the search results showcase?
We do not manually raising position of sites - we do not and we can't. All is automatic. You can yourself reise positions by follow next tips.
  • Increase your traffic Traffic amount is first thing which we take to calculate rank. So, increase your traffic in order to be on top :) Place our recip to face of your site - that will gives to CJLog more trust and more accurately in traffic calculation.
  • Increase quality of site Content amount, scripts count, trade pages, traders tree - all this gives extra points to rank
  • Make your site clean Blacklisted sites are excluded from search results. The higher purity the higher rank of your site.
  • Assign site to your CJLog account Site under CJLog account is more trusted.
Just place our recip onto your sites (not necessarily onto the main pages, but definitely onto the pages, which cjlog is aware of) - and during the following check our system will automatically mark them among the other search results.

So I can't get my sites onto the very top of the search results showcase?
Read our tips abuve.

Ok, how I can increase rank of my account
This is similar to the site reising tips. First of all - add all of your sites to your account. User rank is based of summary ranks of your sites! If you have site for traders (webmaster page) - edit it on your account page! Gain points by posting useful comments, by using your personal blacklist and helping us in cheaters catching. Use our recip on your sites to make them more trusted.

Recip and traffic counter

What is "recip" and what is it used for?
Our recip is something more than just a button. Recip allows to view the most important parameters, such as: trade purity, ratings, number of your sites. It's similar to your site- and user-cards. You can show recip to other traders, you can paste it into your signature at some forum for the traders to know who you are.
Also recip on TGP/MGP face works as traffic counter - all users can view your real traffic and find your site by traffic!

Is the recip installation obligatory?
Recip installation is not obligatory but is desirable since recip lets other traders learn more facts about you before starting to trade with you.

How can I correct traffic information of my site?
By default we use Alexa and other ranking services to predict the amount of traffic on sites. In some cases it can be incorrect. But you can place our recip on bottom of your site and this will work like counter. All views of our recip will counted well.


I have the reason to think that a certain site is cheating. What should I do?
You can leave a comment about this site and rate it. You can also inform us about the cheater.

The owner of the site is a really bad person. Where can I express my opinion about him?
Each site owner has his personal page containing the summary info about him and his sites. You can leave your comments and rate this person there.

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News and events
02.22.10 New CJLog Alert
Try our new BETA unique service! CJLog Alerts
02.21.10 ICQ Bot is down
ICQ Bot no more supported.
02.20.08 ICQ Bot updates!
New funcs. Now bot will show you topics ob adult boards with checked domain. Also two commands are realized: boards [domain] will show snippets and iframes [domain] will show iframes and scripts with description.
02.16.08 CJLog ICQ Bot!
Use power of CJLog in your ICQ. Just add our bot 450-825-540 to your IM and you can check your traders for blacklist status, purity, traffic, niches, illegal scripts much quickly!
02.07.08 CJLog Alerts!
With CJLog Alerts your sites will newer been hacked or go down. CJLog Alerts will inform you about anwanted changes or downtimes.

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